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Micserah Wallet

Payment is now simplified with Micserah wallet for registered customers only.

How To Fund Your Micserah Wallet

Micserah wallet funding allows a customer to credit their e-wallet on with any desired amount which can be used for immediate or future purchase via the website in just a few steps;

  • Go to to login or create an account
  • After signing in, browse website to find available products and prices
  • Transfer desired amount to GTB MICSERAH FASHION HOUSE 0199438449
  • Transferred amount is approved by an admin personnel and will reflect in wallet on customers login profile page

How To Purchase With Your Micserah Wallet

Ensure you are logged in and have your Micserah wallet funded.

Found what you’re looking for?

  • Select “Add To Cart”
  • Click on “Shopping Cart” to see what you have in cart
  • Proceed to checkout page to enter your purchase details
  • On payment method section in checkout page select “Wallet Payment”
  • Click on “Place Order” to complete purchase from your Micserah Wallet

Why Should I Use Micserah Wallet

As a customer you get to have the final say and enjoy the benefits of;

Reserving products you wish to purchase at a later date

Getting a chance to earn purchase rewards

Organize your payments by making installment payments

No security struggles

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